The fifteenth-century Rice Psalter is named for an inscription in the manuscript that likely refers to a sixteenth-century merchant and his wife.
Courtesy of Museum of the Bible

hat the Bible Says about Nature

The Bible is not a scientific textbook, but it does make certain claims about the natural world that have been woven into different faith traditions. The big ideas of biblical theology helped shape the way people within these traditions thought about nature and its changes. They even influenced the course of scientific knowledge, informing why people believed science is important and even possible, how it should be done, and for what purpose.

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This exhibition explores the Bible’s role in the historical relationship between science and religion. Many today believe that religious faith and the natural sciences are very separate subjects. Indeed, many consider the Bible to be an obstacle to scientific progress. Yet, for centuries, faith and the study of nature were very much entangled. At times, biblical beliefs helped encourage people to study the world. They even influenced the rise of science as we know it today.