An artistic depiction of artificial intelligence.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

uilding a Better World

Robots taking over the world. Cyborgs exploring the galaxy. These have become standard topics of science fiction. Today, however, artificial intelligence and transhumanism are at the forefront of scientific and technological debate.

Computers have benefited humans in countless ways. But will they become so “smart” that they make humans obsolete? Can computers become conscious? Is the promise of computer-based “artificial intelligence” a blessing or a threat?

How do biblical beliefs inform the way some scientists work in these fields? For most, AI will neither end civilization nor usher in a utopia. Like all technologies, it will be a mixed blessing.

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This exhibition explores the Bible’s role in the historical relationship between science and religion. Many today believe that religious faith and the natural sciences are very separate subjects. Indeed, many consider the Bible to be an obstacle to scientific progress. Yet, for centuries, faith and the study of nature were very much entangled. At times, biblical beliefs helped encourage people to study the world. They even influenced the rise of science as we know it today.