ur Universe
What keeps the universe running?

Look around and you will find consistent patterns in nature. The stars and planets follow their regular courses. The seasons unfold in a steady cycle. Acorns turn into sturdy oak trees. Wheat seeds grow into nourishing grain.

Why is the universe so predictable and knowable? Where do nature’s laws come from?

Nature’s orderliness has long been a source of wonder. Many biblical passages reflect on this order, describing God as creation’s governor. The desire to understand the laws that keep the universe running drives scientific thought. For some, it has also been closely connected to a desire to understand the creator. Recent discoveries have deepened our knowledge of nature’s precision and the qualities that make our planet habitable.

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This exhibition explores the Bible’s role in the historical relationship between science and religion. Many today believe that religious faith and the natural sciences are very separate subjects. Indeed, many consider the Bible to be an obstacle to scientific progress. Yet, for centuries, faith and the study of nature were very much entangled. At times, biblical beliefs helped encourage people to study the world. They even influenced the rise of science as we know it today.